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Total Living Drink Information

Congratulations on your decision to use Kylea’s Total Living Drinks superfood formulas. You simply will not find a more complete formula.

Before You Start

Remember, both the TLD Greens & TLD Berry are potent formulas. They are 100% nutrient-dense superfood powders that also include protein, enzymes, cleansing herbs, antioxidants, probiotics and more. This is not just another supplement. This is engineered food that will feed your cells a high-level of life-giving nutrients that will vastly improve your overall health and energy levels.

How to Use the Total Living Drinks

Everyone is different and are at different places in their health journey. If you are used to taking superfood drinks or are a veteran juicer, then the Total Living Drink Greens and Berry will not be a problem.

For others, because of the nutrient-density, you may need to adjust to the taste and potencies.

Try mixing 1/2 scoop of the Total Living Drink with 12 ounces of water or juice. For new “superfood-drinkers”, try taking with a meal for a few days. After your body adjusts to the formula, you can increase up to a full-scoop.

If Taste Is An Issue

Taste is relative. Most people love the fresh taste of the Total Living Drink Greens and the tart berry flavor of the Total Living Drink Berry. Others however struggle with the taste at first.



Total Living Drink Greens:

  • Use cold water from the refrigerator
  • Mix with fruit juice or vegetable juice
  • Use a blender with ice-cubes to make a smoothie
  • Blend up some fruit or add yogurt to make a health shake

Total Living Drink Berry:

  • Mix with water, fruit juice, organic cow’s milk, goat’s milk or organic almond milk.
  • Use a blender with ice-cubes to make a smoothie
  • Blend up some fruit or add yogurt to make a health shake

*COMBINE GREEN and BERRY for unique flavor & benefits of both.

One-Half Scoop or One-Full Scoop?

Many of our customers are using the Total Living Drinks as a way to supplement their diet and get all the nutrition they need without having to take 15 capsules every day. Many of them will take 1/2 scoop per day. This is fine. Remember, each full scoop provides 38 grams of nutrition! Taking 1/2 scoop is delivering 19 grams which is more than most green drinks products in the marketplace.

Other customers want to feel like they are getting a complete meal and will take a full scoop of the Total Living Drink. This will provide a high dose of nutrition to the body and can even be used as a meal-replacement to lose weight. We’ve had legions of customers tell us that just by using a full-scoop of the Total Living Drink in place of a meal helped them to lose weight.

Is The Total Living Drink Really A Good Value?

Some folks ask us why the Total Living Drink is so expensive. When you think about how much nutrition you are actually getting per serving, the Total Living Drink is the best value in the industry. One full scoop of the TLD is approximately $2.50 -$3.30. That’s less than a Starbucks Latte, and you are getting protein, 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables and all the other things we’ve already mentioned. A few years ago one of our employees went to the health food store and bought all the different supplements it would take to equal the Total Living Drink. He spent over $300!

Is There A Way To Get The Total Living Drinks Cheaper?

Actually there is. Sign-up for Kylea’s Auto-Ship Program and save 15% on all future orders.

Most of our customers find they want to take our Total Living Drinks on an ongoing basis. Consider using our “Auto-Ship” program. The Auto-Ship program will automatically resupply your order on a regular schedule, delivered right to your door before you run out. You get the convenience of always having exactly what you need when you need it.

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You have the ability to select a 30-Day Auto-Ship, 60-Day or 90-Day. Each Auto-Shipment, we will automatically charge the credit card or debit card you have on file with us. We apply the 15% discount to the price of your order and the normal $5.95 shipping cost. There’s no long-term obligation and you can discontinue the program at any time you choose. You can also change, modify or skip a shipment by calling our toll-free number or sending us an email.

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Are There Side Effects of taking the Total Living Drink

There are not any major side effects from taking the Total Living Drink, outside of the positive benefits of course. There are instances where people have expressed a change in bowel movements, and this is normal considering the increase of raw superfoods to the diet. In rare cases, some people feel a “rumbling” of the stomach which is the body’s way of adjusting to the formula. There are also cleansing herbs in the formula that may promote a healthier bowel system.

If you experience any negative side effects of taking the Total Living Drink Greens or Total Living Drink Berry discontinue using and consult a medical professional. 

More Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my stomach rumbling after taking the product?

In rare occasions, symptoms such as these usually mean the Total Living Drink is doing its job by detoxifying your system. Once your body adjusts to the 100% nutrient-dense formula of concentrated raw, organic vegetables/fruits, these symptoms should go away.

Can I take this product while I am on medication(s)?

If you are on medications, always consult your medical professional before taking ANY supplement – even Kylea’s.

Can I give the Total Living Drinks to my child?

As a general rule, if a child weighs 60 lbs or more, he/she can take a half-scoop per day. If a child weighs over 100 lbs, he/she can take the product just like an adult. 

Will the Total Living Drink help me lose weight?

Lots of customers have reported weight loss from taking the TLD. Using as a meal replacement cuts calories from your day, energy helps with exercise, and many ingredients help with digestion, metabolism and more. 

Can I take too much Total Living Drink?

We recommend not exceeding more than two full scoops in a 24- hour period without consulting a nutritionist. 

What Are Others Saying About The Total Living Drinks?

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