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Your body’s immune system is one of the most important and it helps safeguard your health by acting as a defense system against foreign invaders. The best way to deal...

Your body’s immune system is one of the most important and it helps safeguard your health by acting as a defense system against foreign invaders.

The best way to deal with sickness is to prevent it. Building up your immune system with a healthy diet and good supplementation is like digging the well before you get thirsty. Smart.

But regardless of the steps you take, you will find yourself in a position where your immune system is challenged. You’ll begin to feel the dreaded early symptoms of a cold and flu.

The key to beating the dreaded seasonal sickness is a two-fold approach: 

  • Supplementing your diet with immune-building nutrients to bolster your immune system and prevent sickness (like taking the Total Living Drink)
  • Having a back-up plan when you start to feel the symptoms of a cold or flu

Kylea’s Max Immunity™ supplement is a robust and comprehensive approach to immune building and sickness fighting. Simply take it when you start feeling the early symptoms of a cold to fight the sickness head on and dramatically reduce your time under the weather.

How does it work?

Max Immunity™ uses 11 proven ingredients in high potencies that will strengthen your immune system and attack the sickness at the earliest stage of development to reduce its lifespan.

Max Immunity’s™ All-Star Ingredient List Includes…

Vitamin C (Extracted from Acerola) – Acerola is a fruit that is an antioxidant powerhouse and a free radical destroyer and is perhaps the best, natural source of Vitamin C.

Vitamin D – This vitamin is the rising star in the vitamin world and studies show that people with lower levels of Vitamin D, known as Vitamin D deficiency, have weaker immune systems and are much more likely to get sick.

Boneset – A wonderful decongestant and anti-inflammatory, Boneset is derived naturally from the flowered plant and a powerful immune enhancer.

Yarrow - This remarkable herb is a powerful anti-inflammatory and will help with drainage, congestion, fever and other symptoms of the common cold.

Peppermint - Helps with discomfort of mucous membranes and is a powerful respiratory aid and decongestant.

Elder Flower – A powerful immune enhancer and blood cleanser. It also helps with swollen sinuses and alleviates the symptoms of a cold.

Oregano Oil, Olive Extract, and Bee Propolis – These three-in-one herbs all work together to fight colds and work to increase blood purification.

Dimethylglycine Hydrochloride – This powerful adaptogen is known to have a multitude of healthy benefits but is used in this formula primarily because of its immune building capabilities.

Resveratrol - One of the most powerful anti-oxidants known to man, this product is used daily by many and is the cell-support player on the team, keeping the healthy cells healthy!

Max Immunity™ is a powerful immune-system builder. So powerful in fact, that you should only use it episodically for 7-10 days when you start to feel the very first symptoms of a cold or flu.

Max Immunity™ will allow you to take back control over the cold and flu season and dramatically reduce the number of sick days every year. A true must-have supplement.


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