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The Benefits of Amino Acids

The Benefits of Amino Acids

Amino Acids are organic compounds which occur naturally throughout the body. Amino Acids act as residue to form proteins within the body. In this form, they constitute what are the second largest component of human tissue. That is to say, Amino Acids help to bind-together the building blocks (protein) of our body. Because Amino Acids are so prevalent in bodily function, supplementing your body with amino acids can help influence a wide range of effects. It is reported that they can help boost the consumer’s mood by reducing stress, among other effects such as a boosted immune system.

Amino Acids plays a role in the transport of neurotransmitters throughout the body, which accounts for many different bodily functions. They also play a role in Biosynthesis, the process of converting substrates into complex products within living organisms.  These two functions are often related, as Biosynthesis is often a requirement of neurotransmission.

Effects of Amino Acids

For most middle-aged people, their years spent toiling away at work have slowly declined their ability to maintain healthy muscle mass. With most aging bodies, the potency of their youth just starts to fade with time. This is natural, but is no cause to let those determined to pursue a healthy muscle build go down without a fight, so to speak. Aging bodies can be treated with amino acids like leucine, isoleucine, or valine. These “branched-chain” amino acids are very important for making new muscles, which can help older middle-age consumers keep up with their youthful spirits. These amino acids can also help seniors, who may also benefit from adding vitamin D to their list of supplements.

Amino Acids can also help play a key role in the consumer’s mood. They will also help to regulate the production of serotonin. This is a very important function of Amino Acids because serotonin is one of the main neurotransmitters in the brain that helps influence mood. Serotonin plays the role of protecting against anxiety and depression within the brain, and is therefore similar to dopamine. Amino Acids like 5-hydroxytryptophan and L-tryptophan are especially effective for the regulation of serotonin, and may also be helpful for patients with insomnia as well.

Amino Acids are also good at reducing stress. One Amino Acid in particular, aminobutyric acid (a.k.a. GABA), can actually function as a neurotransmitter. Consumers who use GABA supplements will find that it helps tune out distractions while also promoting focus and a relaxed demeanor. It is also shown to help improve reaction time. Another Amino Acid, Theanine will help boost the brain’s alpha waves, reducing stress and promoting the brain’s natural protection against anxiety. To top it all of, these two Amino Acids are compatible, meaning they can be taken simultaneously.

Amino Acids can Help strengthen your immune system as well. The best-available Amino Acid for immune system strength is N-acetylcysteine (a.k.a. NAC). This amino acid plays a pivotal role in the construction of glutathione, which is the body’s chief antioxidant. It can help support vital organ function such as the lungs and liver, and is especially beneficial for its effect on the immune-system, especially in the elderly.

Amino Acids can also help regulate healthy blood flow throughout the body. The most popular Amino Acid for this effect is L-arginine. This Amino Acid can be used by the body to create nitric oxide in the blood stream, and will relax the muscle tissue surround the arteries. Throughout the body, this effect causes blood to flow with more ease of motion, promoting overall health. This effect is also beneficial for sexual activity, in both males and females.

About Amino Acids

Amino Acids are building blocks of the human body, because they are one of the largest parts of proteins. Because proteins and the Amino Acids, which make them, play such an important role in the structure of our bodies, their influence on the body’s function is absolute. Amino Acids affect all areas of the body from the skin, to the bones, and all the organs. They are essential for the body’s ability to create new cells.

Unfortunately, in modern days it is becoming harder to maintain a balanced diet. From all sorts of factors in the environment, especially within the food industry, we are draining certain resources in exchange for others. Foods which were once rich in probiotics and amino acids are being drowned out by some practices of the agriculture industry, such as the implementation of intense fertilizers. While our foods may be lacking in some key nutritional elements, advances in the health sciences have shown there are ways to combat this departure from nature. This is why the use of amino acid supplements is becoming more popular every day.

Summary On Aminos

Amino Acids are an essential part of the body. They are the building blocks of the building blocks within the body. Amino acids acids are an essential part of the body’s overall function. Supplements containing amino acids can have a wide range of effects which can affect practically all parts of the body. From stress reduction to the building of new muscle tissue, supplements containing Amino Acids are incredibly beneficial for maintaining an overall sense of wellness, while ensuring that your body is able to operate at its highest level.


The Benefits of Antioxidants

The Benefits of Antioxidants

An Antioxidant is a molecule which occurs naturally in many fruits and vegetables. This molecule helps to prevent oxidation, which can help prevent heart disease. It can also help reduce the deterioration of vision and mental health as a result of aging while also helping reduce the consumer’s risk of cancer. Oxidation can harm cells, so having antioxidants such as vitamin c within the body helps to terminate harmful chemical reactions. There are two main types of antioxidants, one of which helps the body, while the other is used as a preservative on some products.

How Do Antioxidants Work?

Antioxidants are a common piece of conversation among nutrition experts and consumers. Rightfully, they’ve gained their fame as a natural and safe way to promote good health and prevent harmful diseases. Antioxidants pack a punch to harmful chemical reactions within the body, and play a key role in the overall wellness of the consumer. They help prevent chemical reactions like oxidation, which can create free radicals within the body.

Free radicals are highly reactive molecules, due to their odd number of electrons, which causes them to incite a chain reaction. This effect causes damage to proteins, molecules, and genes within the body. It is important to maintain healthy levels of Amino Acids.

The human body is a proverbial battleground for free radicals and antioxidants, as they are both naturally produced within it. Unfortunately, many consumers are simply unaware that their levels of antioxidants is often insufficient to “defeat” the large number of free radicals which the body produces. It is vital to maintaining good health that consumers look to foods and supplements as sources of antioxidants.

How Do Antioxidants Benefit Your Health?

Antioxidants are part of any heart-healthy diet. Antioxidant supplements are highly beneficial for preventing heart disease, largely due to their ability to regulate the LDL, “bad” cholesterol. LDL cholesterol can cause the buildup of plaque within the heart. When a free radical reacts with LDL cholesterol, it forces the cholesterol accumulate against the artery walls, eventually turning into plaques. With this comes intense pressure on the heart. Eventually the artery may become completely blocked, causing heart failure. Studies show that consumers who eat fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants have a lower risk of heart disease.

Antioxidants help prevent free radicals from damaging cells throughout the body, but many people don't realize that they can actually help protect your DNA as well. Free radicals can damage cells causing alterations to the cell’s DNA. This can result in some serious problems such as the formation of cancerous tumors. People who eat antioxidant-rich foods are shown to be at lower risk for certain types of cancer, because they eliminate free radicals. Foods that have proven to be especially helpful for fighting cancer are tomatoes carrots, oranges. Tomatoes have shown to reduce rates of prostate cancer in men because they contain the carotenoid lycopene. Other carotenoids, which are proven to be the most effective for fighting cancer, can be found mostly in yellow and orange fruits and vegetables, as a rule of thumb.

Patients with Diabetes can reap enormous benefits from fitting antioxidants into their diet. Because high blood sugar speeds the production of free radicals, antioxidants are perhaps even more crucial to these individuals. Free radicals are likely the cause of many diabetic-related complications like loss of vision, damage to the nerves and nervous system, as well as kidney failure. Antioxidants are beneficial to help alleviate some of these symptoms. Studies have shown that patients who use antioxidant supplements can relieve some of the discomfort related to their diabetes. Good sources of  antioxidants to help treat diabetes are turmeric, onions, apples, and red wine. These specific antioxidants can also help reduce risk of diabetes for non-diabetics.

Antioxidants will help defend brain cells against age-related decline. Old age can bring about some devastating issues for the person’s overall condition, usually can be attributed to cell damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are also seen as one of the causes of Alzheimer’s disease, as it incites the clumping of proteins within the brain. Getting extra antioxidants and Vitamins C and E, seem to be the best guard against age related decline when it comes to dieting. Of course, living an active lifestyle and eating right seem to be equally important.

Final Word On Antioxidants

Antioxidants are commonly found in some of our favorite fruits and vegetables. As common as they are, they are generally not understood for their health benefits. By preventing oxidation in the body, antioxidants provide one of the bodies greatest defense mechanisms against deterioration. Oxidation affects all parts of the body and the mind. Rampant free radicals can damage cells and even alter their DNA, causing a chain reaction of bad cells, creating complications in all parts of the body. Getting a steady supply of antioxidants from fruits and vegetables is a vital mode of defence for the body, and can make or break your overall wellness. Getting plenty of antioxidants will help make you more active, give you better mental focus, and even prevent harmful disease.


The Benefits of Digestive Enzyme Supplements

The Benefits of Digestive Enzyme Supplements

If you have ever experienced indigestion, gas, heartburn, or other digestion-related ailments, then you may have experienced an enzyme deficiency. Though it can vary from case to case, the deeper cause at work is likely enzymes. Digestive Enzyme Supplements are supplements that are intended to alleviate undesirable gastrointestinal symptoms. With a healthy digestive system, consumers report feeling more alert and full of energy, which points to just one of the many reasons to maintain good digestive health.

What Are Digestive Enzyme Supplements? How Do They Work?

Enzymes are catalysts for the body. They help facilitate the natural chemical reactions that occur, for example, when we digest food. Enzymes take substrates and turn them into molecules of all types.

This happens in nearly every cell of the body, as all cells in the body need to undergo certain metabolic processes in order to function properly. Enzymes act by determining the metabolic pathways that occur in each cell. There are thousands of types of reactions that enzymes assist in, though mostly they act on proteins.

Enzymes are not consumed through their reactions in the body, though they can be affected by other molecules. Enzymes occur naturally in most fruits and vegetables, though cooking at high temperatures can kill up to a vast majority of them.

There are three main types of enzymes: digestive enzymes, food enzymes, and metabolic enzymes. To start, metabolic enzymes occur naturally in the organs of the human body. These enzymes help regulate the level of blood throughout the body’s various tissues and organs.

They are crucial for cell development, repair and maintenance, and are required for the growth of new cells. These enzymes help assist the function of all the body’s major organs.

Digestive enzymes are also naturally produced in the body, by the digestive organs. These enzymes help to facilitate important chemical reactions in the body which are responsible for putting all the vitamins and hormones in your body to use. They are essential for your organs to work properly, and contribute to overall health and wellness. The last enzyme type, Food enzymes, are enzymes which are consumed from foods, and can be most effectively found in raw vegetables. This type of enzyme is crucial because it is harder to get for the body. Making sure you eat lots of raw vegetables will ensure that you are getting enough enzymes.

How To Regulate And Improve Your Body’s Enzymes

Slowly chewing your food will help release enzymes naturally. Our saliva contains enzymes which begin the pre-digestion process while the food is still in our mouths. For a more beneficial effect, slowly chewing enzyme-rich foods will produce the best effect.

Unfortunately enzyme-rich foods like raw vegetables may not be the most slobber-inducing food choice for many consumers, so just remember to always do things in moderation. The more you salivate, the better off your digestive system will be. Mixing foods like raw celery and peanut butter are a great way to help facilitate salivation, while still eating enzyme-rich foods.

Enzymes help move nutrients throughout the body, as well as help the body absorb more nutrients from foods. As the body breaks down foods, digestive enzymes in the small intestine help to ensure an efficient extraction of all the beneficial nutrients. The nutrients are passed through the intestinal lining, and enter the bloodstream. They are assisted by the enzymes in all manner of chemical reactions throughout the body, which includes the production of healthy cells.

While helping to improve the efficiency of digestion, Digestive Enzyme Supplements help the consumer to retain higher levels of energy throughout the day. What many people don't consider is that consuming food actually takes a large amount of effort from the body. Making this process easier give the consumer more excess energy to spend on the important things in life.

Some of the positive effects of supplementing your enzyme intake include decreased indigestion and other gastrointestinal symptoms. Indigestion can often occur as a result of too much acid coalescing in the stomach. While maintain a healthy amount of stomach acid is beneficial for digestion, it can cause discomfort in especially high concentrations. Digestive Enzyme Supplements can also help give the consumer relief from bloating and excessive gas. Many consumers will find this particularly interesting, making this variety of supplements appealing to those who often experience embarrassing gastrointestinal issues.

Final Word On Digestive Enzymes

Humans need a steady intake of enzymes in order to function properly. Since the development of cooked food in early human history, people have slowly needed more and more ways to increase their enzyme intake. Whereas raw foods contain high numbers of enzymes, cooked foods can contain significantly less. This is one of the reasons that more people are looking to Digestive Enzyme Supplements to help facilitate their health needs. Because the popular foods of today are lacking in enzymes,  Digestive Enzyme Supplements are meant help consumers get the full nutritional value of their food, while also helping to aid bodily functions, and is recommended for consumers who want to help take care of their body, and promote and overall feeling of health and wellness.


Rosalia's Green Smoothie Supefood Drink Recipe

Rosalia's Green Smoothie (2 servings)

2 frozen bananas (chopped)
1/4 cup frozen mango (chopped)
3 cups spinach
1/4 cup (heaping) Kylea Total Living Green powder
1/2 ripe avocado
1 cup almond milk
1.5 cups orange juice

The Benefits of Cranberries

The Benefits of Cranberries 

Cranberries are a staple of the classic thanksgiving meal. What many people don't realize is that cranberries aren’t just a food to be eaten out of a blob, still in the shape of a can. Cranberries are, in fact, a super-food unlike any other. Packed with antioxidants, cranberries may be more than just a yearly obligation, but can actually help you maintain a higher standard of health and wellness.

How Cranberries Can Benefit Your Health

Cranberries are rich with antioxidants which can help protect cells. What is especially effective about cranberries is that they contain phytochemicals which can help protect your DNA, which other antioxidants can’t match. While protecting your cells from damage, and DNA from alteration, the antioxidants specific to cranberries help reduce the ‘oxidative stress’ which is most often caused by free radicals. It is through the process of oxidation that the free radicals damage cells and cell DNA.

Antioxidants are useful to help reduce the effect of free radicals within your body. Free radicals work by causing a chain link of reactions, damaging cells throughout the body. Many consumers don't understand that free radicals are not simply finite. They cause a domino-effect, creating chemical reaction after chemical reaction which eventually amasses into larger and larger clumps. These clumps can become cancerous tumors in not taken care of. Antioxidants help to reverse this effect, and Cranberries are among the best sources of them.

Free radicals can damage cells causing harmful alterations to the cell’s DNA. All this can result in very serious problems for the body, which sometimes result in major health problems such as cancer. Antioxidant-rich foods are shown to reduce the consumer’s risk for certain types of cancer, as they eliminate free radicals.

How Cranberries Effect The Body

The phytochemicals, PACs in cranberries  also have the benefit of improving the consumer’s bladder health. They work within the body to help inhibit the growth of undesirable bacteria within the lining of the bladder and urinary tract. This, in turn, helps to prevent infections caused by bad bacteria like E. coli. This is one of the main, traditional uses of cranberries that has been practiced for centuries in traditional medicine.

By regulating the growth of bacteria in the body, cranberries can help the consumer experience greater digestive health. By limiting the production of bad bacteria like Helicobacter pylori, PACs help regulate the lining of the stomach, lowering the chance that discomfort occurs in the stomach. PACs found in cranberries can also stop the production of ulcers, which are usually caused by bacteria.

Cranberries help eliminate free radicals, which are often the cause of cancerous tumors. The powerful antioxidant power of cranberries along with other cancer-fighting agents found within, help to give the consumer comprehensive coverage against the growth of free radicals. The cancer-fighting agents found in cranberries help regulate the activity of enzymes which are crucial to prevent the growth of cancer cells. While these agents work to prevent the production of undesirable cells, they also help support normal cell function, and healthy a healthy cell cycle. 

Cranberries contain essential chemicals which can help detoxify the body. Most notably, they help support “phase one” detoxification in the liver. A healthy liver will ensure that the body is able to produce healthy cells, without being perturbed by toxins and free radicals.  Cranberries also help reduce the damage of environment-related toxins, which are often linked to increased risk of cancer. Foods like Cranberries, as well as tomatoes and carrots, help dramatically reduce the consumer’s risk of cancer, and in effect help detoxify the body.

Cranberries are full of nutrients, which is one reason that they are popular as a super-healthy food. Cranberries multitask within the body, providing essential nutrients for all of its functions. They also help support a healthy immune system and reduce buildup of cancer cells. The vitamins C, K, and E contained within cranberries are what make it such a balanced, and beneficial food.

Cranberries also have Anti-inflammatory benefits. The chemical quercetin is common among red fruits and vegetables, and is highly beneficial for fighting cancer. In addition, these quercetin helps to lower the production of pro-inflammatory molecules within the body. By including cranberries in their diets, consumers will have adopted one of the most effective strategies to help prevent cancer. By changing the chemical environment of the cancer cells, consumers are using the most potent method of naturally defeating cancer.

Final Word On Cranberries

As a common household food, Cranberries are often underestimated for their health benefits. What people don’t realize is that they are, for all intents and purposes, a super-food. They are full of beneficial vitamins and antioxidants that help the consumer maintain a healthy lifestyle, while also reducing the risk of illnesses such as cancer. Many of consumers can't imagine cranberries that aren’t in a can-shaped, gelatinous form, but perhaps they could benefit from knowing that they can produce real, profound health benefits. No longer will cranberries be mere reminders of thanksgiving tradition, as consumers become more and more aware of how easy it is to experience their benefits.


5 Reasons to Avoid Eating Processed Foods

Although they're designed to be both convenient and easy, processed food products provide limited nutritional benefits to the body. With lengthy lists of unrecognizable ingredients, preservatives and additions that have been altered far beyond their natural state, these products are having a significant and highly negative impact on human health. Following are 5 reasons to avoid eating processed foods:

1. Processed Foods Can Be Addictive

Given that most processed food products are loaded with sugar, high-fructose corn syrup and considerable amounts of sodium and fat, they actually have highly addictive properties.

People get used to the taste of these unhealthy additions and often begin to crave them. In addition to affecting the palate and its requirements for salt and sugar, processed foods also have an impact on consumer moods.

Salt, sugar and fat provide an immediate sense of comfort and gratification -which is why people often find themselves reaching for packaged cookies, potato chips, baked goods and other refined food products when feeling stressed, overwhelmed or depressed.

2. Processed Food Lead To Obesity

Many of the dangers of processed foods are weight-related. Any small amounts of pre-packaged, processed far can have a considerable impact on a person's fat and calorie intake.

Given that these foods do not supply an adequate amount of essential nutrients and quickly convert into sugar, they do not provide any lasting satisfaction. After munching on a bag of chips, people are often still hungry, even though they have consumed large portion of their daily-recommended calories.

Conversely, a fiber-dense and natural food like an apple, will provide a sense of lasting fullness while meeting the body's energy requirements at a very nominal amount of calories.

Or better yet, why not take a 130-calorie, nutrient-dense scoop of Kylea’s Total Living Drink Greens? Not only will your hunger be satisfied but you will be providing the body with over 7 servings of superfoods, probiotics, enzymes, antioxidants and more.

3. Processed Foods Are Convenient And Lend To Eating For Convenience

Getting in the habit of choosing foods for convenience can be a very bad thing.

Ready-made goods can be grabbed and taken on the go and once people stop cooking for themselves or seeking foods that are closest to their natural state, they become far more likely to start going through the drive-thru for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This likelihood is further increased by a growing need for meals and snack that contain an inordinate amount of sugar, sodium and fat.

4. Processed Foods Are Linked To Degenerative Disease And Cancer

Cellulite is hardly the worst of a person's concerns when constantly eating fast foods and processed food products.  This type of fare is consistently linked to cancer and degenerative disease across numerous, reputable studies.

The unrecognizable ingredients that these products contain can wreak havoc on the body.

Moreover, people who eat these foods become more predisposed to the development of visceral fat or fat that gets stored around the organs, rather than just beneath the surface of the skin, like subcutaneous fat.

Excess amounts of visceral fat create an increased likelihood for heart disease, fatty liver disease and a host of other, serious health problems. Once the internal systems become overwhelmed by the countless toxins that these foods contain, the risk of cancer also increases.

5. Misleading Labels

Among the greatest dangers of processed foods is the potential for misleading labels and the widespread use of dishonest marketing strategies.

Foods that are far removed from their natural state are not good for the body, irrespective of how they are packaged and promoted. Unfortunately, efforts to convince the public otherwise have made it hard for many consumers to distinguish between healthy fare and foods that are better left on store shelves.

This is problematic for people seeking to lose weight, manage weight-related health issues such as diabetes and hypertension and limit their intake of salt, sodium and fats.

In fact, many of these products contain a host of unrecognizable ingredients that make it hard for people to know what they're putting in their bodies at all.

The most common questions among health-conscious consumers are how to avoid these products.

Most diet and health experts recommend steering clear of products that have five or more ingredients, ingredients that are difficult to pronounce or are unrecognizable and inordinate amounts of sugar, fat and sodium, irrespective of how these are listed or the names that are used for them.

Choosing foods that are served closest to their natural state will invariably provide the best benefits for the body and make it easier for consumers to practice diligent weight maintenance.

The Total Living Drink was created with this in mind. One scoop will provide the body with everything it needs to experience higher levels of health and energy.

And though we don’t encourage you to eat processed foods, even if you do, isn’t it nice to know that at least once a day you are consuming an incredibly healthy meal or snack that can help compensate for other poor diet choices?