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The Benefits of Amino Acids

The Benefits of Amino Acids

Amino Acids are organic compounds which occur naturally throughout the body. Amino Acids act as residue to form proteins within the body. In this form, they constitute what are the second largest component of human tissue. That is to say, Amino Acids help to bind-together the building blocks (protein) of our body. Because Amino Acids are so prevalent in bodily function, supplementing your body with amino acids can help influence a wide range of effects. It is reported that they can help boost the consumer’s mood by reducing stress, among other effects such as a boosted immune system.

Amino Acids plays a role in the transport of neurotransmitters throughout the body, which accounts for many different bodily functions. They also play a role in Biosynthesis, the process of converting substrates into complex products within living organisms.  These two functions are often related, as Biosynthesis is often a requirement of neurotransmission.

Effects of Amino Acids

For most middle-aged people, their years spent toiling away at work have slowly declined their ability to maintain healthy muscle mass. With most aging bodies, the potency of their youth just starts to fade with time. This is natural, but is no cause to let those determined to pursue a healthy muscle build go down without a fight, so to speak. Aging bodies can be treated with amino acids like leucine, isoleucine, or valine. These “branched-chain” amino acids are very important for making new muscles, which can help older middle-age consumers keep up with their youthful spirits. These amino acids can also help seniors, who may also benefit from adding vitamin D to their list of supplements.

Amino Acids can also help play a key role in the consumer’s mood. They will also help to regulate the production of serotonin. This is a very important function of Amino Acids because serotonin is one of the main neurotransmitters in the brain that helps influence mood. Serotonin plays the role of protecting against anxiety and depression within the brain, and is therefore similar to dopamine. Amino Acids like 5-hydroxytryptophan and L-tryptophan are especially effective for the regulation of serotonin, and may also be helpful for patients with insomnia as well.

Amino Acids are also good at reducing stress. One Amino Acid in particular, aminobutyric acid (a.k.a. GABA), can actually function as a neurotransmitter. Consumers who use GABA supplements will find that it helps tune out distractions while also promoting focus and a relaxed demeanor. It is also shown to help improve reaction time. Another Amino Acid, Theanine will help boost the brain’s alpha waves, reducing stress and promoting the brain’s natural protection against anxiety. To top it all of, these two Amino Acids are compatible, meaning they can be taken simultaneously.

Amino Acids can Help strengthen your immune system as well. The best-available Amino Acid for immune system strength is N-acetylcysteine (a.k.a. NAC). This amino acid plays a pivotal role in the construction of glutathione, which is the body’s chief antioxidant. It can help support vital organ function such as the lungs and liver, and is especially beneficial for its effect on the immune-system, especially in the elderly.

Amino Acids can also help regulate healthy blood flow throughout the body. The most popular Amino Acid for this effect is L-arginine. This Amino Acid can be used by the body to create nitric oxide in the blood stream, and will relax the muscle tissue surround the arteries. Throughout the body, this effect causes blood to flow with more ease of motion, promoting overall health. This effect is also beneficial for sexual activity, in both males and females.

About Amino Acids

Amino Acids are building blocks of the human body, because they are one of the largest parts of proteins. Because proteins and the Amino Acids, which make them, play such an important role in the structure of our bodies, their influence on the body’s function is absolute. Amino Acids affect all areas of the body from the skin, to the bones, and all the organs. They are essential for the body’s ability to create new cells.

Unfortunately, in modern days it is becoming harder to maintain a balanced diet. From all sorts of factors in the environment, especially within the food industry, we are draining certain resources in exchange for others. Foods which were once rich in probiotics and amino acids are being drowned out by some practices of the agriculture industry, such as the implementation of intense fertilizers. While our foods may be lacking in some key nutritional elements, advances in the health sciences have shown there are ways to combat this departure from nature. This is why the use of amino acid supplements is becoming more popular every day.

Summary On Aminos

Amino Acids are an essential part of the body. They are the building blocks of the building blocks within the body. Amino acids acids are an essential part of the body’s overall function. Supplements containing amino acids can have a wide range of effects which can affect practically all parts of the body. From stress reduction to the building of new muscle tissue, supplements containing Amino Acids are incredibly beneficial for maintaining an overall sense of wellness, while ensuring that your body is able to operate at its highest level.


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