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"She’s been taking TLD for 9 years now and hasn’t had one cold. I mix it with kefir so she gets lots of probiotics. When she had fallen and I had to have her in a rehab/nursing home facility, I watched what they fed all those old people. And most of them didn’t eat the better food…if my mother hadn’t been able to live at home and get the proper nutrition, she wouldn’t be alive today. I’ve also  been taking it...since around 2000 or so when I first saw it on Jerry Rose’s show. I have only had a couple colds since then also."
- Long time customer Cynde S


The Total Living Drink has changed my life. Thank you, Kylea!”

When I heard about the Kylea Total Living Drink I was skeptical. I don’t have a high tolerance for ”yucky” health drinks and I wasn’t sure it would do that much for me anyway. But I was frustrated by all the nutrition products out there. I knew I needed supplements, but was confused by the thousands of products on the shelves.

I decided to give the Total Living Drink a try. The taste was completely acceptable (I mix the powder with pineapple or cranberry juice and ice cubes).

It was quick and easy. It takes me about five minutes to walk from my bedroom to my kitchen, mix the drink, and drink it using my special shaker bottle with a straw.

The first thing I noticed was renewed energy. I have always enjoyed indulging myself in a nap in the afternoon if I were at home. At work, I often felt the need for a cup of coffee or chocolate for a pick-me-up in the afternoon. But the first time I lay down for a nap after being on the drink, I realized after a few minutes that I wanted to be up and about my work. I simply wasn’t tired. My renewed energy helped me get more work done. I have amazing energy and stamina and often begin a new project around 9:00 in the evening.

Kylea also helped me control my weight. I use the drink in the morning instead of breakfast. I sometimes have one piece of high fiber toast, but nothing else. I am completely full and satisfied until around 12:30 or 1:00 PM. The meal replacement helps me maintain my desired weight.

My nails are stronger. And I immediately noticed better elimination. Most of all, I have gained peace of mind. I know that the drink gives me far more nutrition than I was getting in the foods I eat. Also, the fact that it is a liquid means more of the nutrients are absorbed into my system than with pills. It makes me feel better about myself to know I am doing something radically proactive about my health. And the drink is far less expensive that buying all the pills I’d have to take for the same amount of nutrition.

Shirley Rose
Author, National TV Personality

I was skeptical about energy drinks but my brother in law convinced me to try it. I noticed a real difference in energy and attitude. I even started exercising.

Kintnersville, PA

I feel so much better. My arthritis is better, my Fibro Myalgia is better and I Stopped taking blood pressure medications.

Payson, UT

I love the drink. It’s a great energy booster. I tell everybody about it.

Morrison, CO

My blood sugar was 210 and I was eating no carbs. After using the Total Living Drink it’s down to 160.

Temecula, CA

I have been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and The Total Living Drink cleared up my digestive problems the first day I used it. My doctor was amazed!

Shelton, CT

I had been having prostate problems for quite some time and had tried many natural supplements with little luck. After using the Total Living Drink my urine flow has increased dramatically. I am very impressed.

Aurora, IL

I dropped 2 sizes by using the Total Living Drink as a meal replacement. This stuff is miraculous!

Naperville, IL

Was skeptical about energy drinks, brother in law (Ron Rice) convinced him to try it, he noticed a real difference in his energy and attitude. Has even started exercising.

Ryan Abrahams

Feels so much better. Arthritis better, Fibro Myalgia better. Stopped taking BP meds.

Ava Johnson

I used to pay a nutritionist $200 a week to get all the supplements she told me I needed. The Total Living Drink has almost everything I need in one scoop. This saves me a lot of money.

Nyaa Abdelqader
Chicago, IL 

It feels wonderful taking the TLD!! Fantastic!!

Scott Jensen
Park Forest, IL 

Tried several other drinks and this one really gives me what I’m looking for; more energy; not sluggish and I lost a little weight. I’m not hungry a lot like I was before, elimination is very good. I’m exercising everyday because I feel energized.

Shirley Gibson
Chicago, IL 

This Total Living Drink is the best product I have ever found!  It is amazing the amount of sustained energy I have when using the Total Living Drink! I felt great before I took it, but now I feel even better!!  I have been telling all my friends about it and some are using it regularly!  My husband loves it too!  Thanks for making this awesome product!

Heily Young
Roseville, CA 

I have been using half a scoop of the total living drink for almost two months and I think it’s great.  I feel better, but most importantly for me, it has made a tremendous difference in my skin.  I have had acne for decades and it has been particularly bad in the past two years. The total living drink has eliminated the worst of my skin problems, which is an unexpected and most appreciated surprise. Has anyone else reported significant improvement of their acne condition from your product?


I ordered the product and have been using it as a meal replacement.  I have benefited greatly from the Total Living Drink.  Previously I felt tired and mentally drained a lot.  I started using one scoop per day around noon time.  I feel great once this product gets to circulating in my blood stream.  I notice my appetite has really, really tapered off. I have noticed that cravings for junk food have tapered off also.  This product has become a must!  I introduced it to one of the people I mentor that was having severe health problems and lack of energy.  Within days of taking your product, the change that I have seen in her is remarkable.  She is up and moving around once again. This stuff is great. Tonight I placed my second order for the large canister.  I also am a stickler for taste. The product does not taste bad. At first it tasted different, but now I have gotten accustomed to it and it is not bad at all.

Cynthia Steele
Spokane, WA

I have already purchased the product – received it Thur and started taken it today- it is truly amazing.   Thank you.

Brenda Williams
S. Elgin, IL

I just wanted to drop you a note to say that I have been using the Total Living Drink now for about 4 months and I feel better than I have ever felt before.  My weight had become too much of an issue for me lately (300 lbs at 5,6”) in the last 4 months I have lost about 40 lbs with exercise and eating right along with your product. I am looking forward to getting back to 180 lbs, but I am already enjoying the benefits of your product! Thank you!

Rich Kupfer
Franklin Park, IL

GOD BLESS YOU FOR THIS PRODUCT!!  I will say at first I was not sure if this was just another new product on the market. But the good news is it is not just another product this stuff really works. I have more health issues than I have time to write. Maybe one day I can write and explain how this SAVED my life. But, I want to thank you for caring so much for all us and please keep on felling blessed for all the lives you are making such a difference in, and I am one of them. GOD BLESS YOU!

Christine Smith-Herrick
Arlington, TX