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The Best Vegetables for Weight Loss

It’s no secret that vegetables are superfoods when it comes to weight loss, but discovering which are the best vegetables for weight loss is still a mystery to millions.

How do you pick the best vegetables for weight loss?

Sugars and nutrients are some important factors to consider when selecting the very best foods for weight loss. Vegetables, such as broccoli and carrots, are low in sugars and high in nutrients. Nutrients balance your body and aid in digestion, decreasing inflammation and improving weight loss. These types of veggies, as well as alfalfa and wheatgrass, are complex carbs, which consume body energy. Imagine the amount of energy your body burns while digesting complex carbohydrates. Compare that to the simple carbs that quickly turn to sugar, and it’s simple to make the connection between vegetables and weight loss. Your body expends an exuberant amount of energy when it has to break down the complex carbs found in vegetables, so when you eat natural, whole carbs, the body is allowed to do what it is designed to do and is able to digest and gradually release nutrients and energy into your cells.

One of the best fruits for weight loss

Another great example of a superfood for weight loss is bitter melon, also called bitter gourd, bitter squash or karela. While the melon can have the look of something straight out of Victor Frankenstein’s laboratory, it is botanically a fruit that is used as a vegetable, and has amazing effects on the body and weight loss. Bitter melon contains a chemical that acts like insulin and helps reduce blood sugar. This chemical unlocks cell membranes so that glucose, or proper sugar, can enter your cells to be used, reducing the amount of sugar in your blood stream. Don’t let the idea of sugar scare you. Your body needs a certain level of glucose to function, and bitter melon provides healthy sugars that can be properly used by the body. Balancing your blood sugars is pertinent to weight loss. When blood sugar levels are constantly high, your body can begin storing up important fats where they belong; however, if your levels are not balanced, you experience constant hunger pains. Constant hunger pains are impossible to ignore, and they lead to unhealthy binging, counteracting progress made with your weight loss. Something else that is important to understand in the connection between vegetables and weight loss is the idea of insulin. Believe it or not, insulin is not a word that should be common only in the world of diabetics. Insulin is known as a fat-producing hormone and functions to transport carbs to the liver and muscle cells for short-term storage. SHORT-TERM STORAGE—that is key.

Refined Carbohydrates = Long-Term Fat Storage

When you consume too much sugar, like the bad refined sugars and sugars stemming from simple carbs, the insulin in your body is overwhelmed and has to take some of that sugar to long-term storage. Yep, you guessed it. That LONG-TERM STORAGE is also known as those love handles, the muffin tops being stuffed below the pant line, and those oh-so-patriotic flags that find permanent residence below your arms. So remember, that it is sugar, not fat, that gives us the extra cushion that is so difficult to eliminate. One of the biggest challenges is to eat the right vegetables, whether to achieve weight loss or general health, each and every day. Lets face it, we’re busy people and shopping for the right produce and preparing healthy meals, day in and day out, is tough. That’s why many people are turning to superfood powder drinks for help. Kylea’s Total Living Drink Greens is a superfood powder formula that is power-packed with the broccoli, carrots, bitter melon, wheatgrass and alfalfa and more. One scoop of the TLD provides your body with the nutrient-dense calories from the juice of organic produce, but also gives you antioxidants, enzymes, probiotics, protein and more. So not only are you getting the best vegetables for weight loss, you can use the Total Living Drink as a meal replacement as well. So pick vegetables and products like the Total Living Drink Greens that will help aid your healthy weight loss plan. Vegetables have the power to remove toxic chemicals from the bloodstream, creating a natural detox, reducing inflammation and fluid retention, and are far better regulators of the digestive system than any modern medicines. When you nourish your body with the right foods, your body naturally crowds out the foods that make you sick, strengthening your blood, respiratory, immune and digestive systems, and producing energy that will transform your life and your health.

Jessica Jones, Kylea Health & Energy Researcher
Jessica Jones Health Researcher Kylea Health & Energy

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