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VegaTein Protein Powder

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VegaTein is a 100% vegan, plant-based protein powder formulated for people who want to increase their protein intake while also avoiding the use of animal products. VegaTein provides 20 grams...

VegaTein is a 100% vegan, plant-based protein powder formulated for people who want to increase their protein intake while also avoiding the use of animal products. VegaTein provides 20 grams of vegan-friendly and paleo-friendly protein derived entirely from plants. The Future of Protein is Green!

Each serving of Kylea's VegaTein contains...

• 20G Organic plant-based protein
• 4 Key plant protein sources - Pea, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, and watermelon seed
• Provides 9 essential amino acids (EAAs)
• Several grams of naturally occurring fiber
• Naturally sweetened with stevia leaf extract
• 100% Gluten free, non-GMO, soy-free, and dairy-free
• ONLY 2 grams of Fat, 2 grams of Carbohydrates, 3 grams of Sugar, and 110 calories per serving!

Equally as important as what Kylea's VegaTein DOES contain, let's talk about what it does NOT contain. VegaTein does not contain any artificial flavors, synthetic colors, or banned substances. This formula is as clean and lean as it gets! VegaTein contains...

• ZERO Lactose
• ZERO Cholesterol
• ZERO Artificial Flavors
• ZERO Gluten
• ZERO Dairy
• ZERO Soy
• ZERO Banned Substances

What Are The Benefits of Kylea's VegaTein?

Many people do not get enough protein in their daily diet, which is why the use of protein powders has become so popular. However, the problem with your standard protein powder is that it contains Whey Protein, meaning the protein was derived from animals.

Since Whey Protein is derived from animals, it naturally contains dairy, lactose, and other components that are bad for your digestive system, negatively impact your gut health, and ultimately lead to inefficient digestion and absorption of the protein itself. In other words, Whey Protein wreaks havoc on your gastrointestinal system, AND it doesn't even end up getting properly absorbed and utilized!

Okay, so you need more protein in your diet, but protein powder supplements are bad for you...the answer to the problem? VegaTein! VegaTein provides you with a massive 20 gram dosage of 100% vegan, plant-based protein powder derived from peas, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds.

VegaTein's use of 100% vegan, dairy-free, and lactose-free protein sources allows you to reap all of the benefits that come with increasing your protein intake without having to worry about the side effects of Whey Protein!

The vegan protein sources used in VegaTein are very easy for your body to digest and absorb, and this type of protein does not disrupt your digestive process or gastrointestinal system whatsoever!

How To Use Kylea's VegaTein

VegaTein is very simple to use, and it tastes delicious! All you do is take one scoop of VegaTein, mix it in with a glass of water, and have a delicious, 100% vegan protein shake!

Here are 3 excellent ways to use VegaTein...

1) You can take VegaTein after a workout to help replenish your body's protein supply, enhance the muscle recovery process, and help promote lean muscle growth. VegaTein can function as an amazing post workout supplement to help ensure proper recovery and build that lean, muscular physique you're after.

2) You can also use VegaTein as a meal replacement supplement. Instead of having your typical high calorie, high carb, high cholesterol lunch or breakfast, you can simply drink a VegaTein shake! The reason it can effectively replace a meal is due to its naturally very high fiber and high protein content. Protein and fiber are both very filling nutrients, so VegaTein works great to satiate your hunger!

3) The best part about VegaTein is that you can add it into your daily serving of Kylea's Total Living Drink, thereby dramatically increasing your protein and fiber intake, while also making the Total Living Drink taste even more delicious!

The natural vanilla flavor used in VegaTein is an excellent complement to the flavor profile of both the Total Living Drink Greens and the Total Living Drink Berry. Plus, the Total Living Drink already contains 11 grams of vegan protein, add in a scoop of VegaTein, and now you're getting 31 grams of vegan protein powder in every serving! Talk about a nutritional powerhouse!

VegaTein F.A.Q.

Q: Is VegaTein vegan?
A: Yes, VegaTein is 100% vegan. It contains ZERO animal products whatsoever. All of the protein sources in VegaTein are 100% plant-based and vegan including pea protein, pumpkin seed protein, sunflower seed protein, and watermelon seed protein.

Q: Is VegaTein organic?
A: We are not technically allowed to say VegaTein is organic because we have not yet received USDA certification. VegaTein is brand new, which means it is going to take us some time to get it USDA certified organic. However, VegaTein uses 100% natural, plant-based ingredients. It is completely 100% natural, vegan, non-GMO, and made in the USA. We just aren't legally allowed to use the word "organic" yet.

Q: Is it non-GMO?
A: Yes, VegaTein is 100% non-GMO.

Q: Is it soy free?
A: Yes, VegaTein is 100% soy free.

Q: Is it lactose free?
A: Yes, VegaTein is 100% lactose free.

Q: Is it gluten free?
A: Yes, VegaTein is 100% gluten free.

Q: Where are VegaTein's ingredients sourced?
A: VegaTein is manufactured in the USA, and 100% of the ingredients in VegaTein are derived from plants that are grown in the USA.

Q: Is there third party testing data available?
A: No, VegaTein is brand new, which means not enough time has passed for us to conduct third party testing. However, we do have what's called a Certificate of Analysis (COA), which is a certificate that verifies all of the nutrition facts you see on the label.

Q: What is the fiber content?
A: Each serving of VegaTein naturally contains 2-3 grams of fiber due to the use of watermelon seed, pumpkin seed, and sunflower seed in the protein blend..

Q: How is there only 2 grams of carbs but 3 grams of sugar?
A: VegaTein contains 3 grams of sugar as a result of the natural flavors and stevia we added to the formula in order to improve the taste. Natural flavors and stevia do not contain carbs, so these ingredients add a small amount of sugar to the formula, but they do not add carbs.

Bottom Line: Whether you are looking to simply increase your protein intake, replace meals, build lean muscle mass, or give your Total Living Drink a protein boost, VegaTein is the answer! We made protein powder the right way - vegan, dairy free, lactose free, soy free, gluten free, GMO-free, and made in the USA! Get yours today!