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The Hype and Hope of “Smart Fats”

Smart fats are all the rage. At Kylea, what we like to do for our clients is offer a balanced approach to total living. If that’s what you’re looking for, then it’s important to make sure you incorporate smart fats into your diet. If you’re someone who doesn’t believe in “Smart Fats,” hopefully this article clears up the confusion for you.

What Are Smart Fats?

While there are a few different forms of smart fats (also commonly referred to as “good fats”), the primary form that they usually take is that of unsaturated fats. Certain smart fats such as omega 3, olive oil, coconut oil, cold water Alaskan salmon, nuts, and seeds can actually help you lose fat. Common sense would tell you that consuming fat won’t help you lose fat, but smart fats don’t abide by the rules of common sense.

The Most Popular Smart Fat

Omega 3

Omega 3 benefits are tremendous. The benefits of consuming omega 3 include lower triglyceride levels, reduced joint pain, improved mood, enhanced focus levels, and many more. Omega 3 is an essential part of any person’s diet, which is why you can be sure we included a healthy dose of it in our Total Living Drink Greens formula.

The benefits of omega 3 become even more significant when things like sugar are removed from your diet. Good fats are better able to do their job when you’re eating right. Omega 3 can ultimately contribute to weight loss if you’re doing everything else right.

People look into omega 3 supplements without knowing how important it is that they maintain a diet that is synergistic with omega 3 supplementation. Our Total Living Drink Greens is better than just plain omega 3 supplements because it also provides you with all of the other nutrients you need in order to ensure the benefits of omega 3 are maximized.

How Do They Work?

Cognitive Performance

Studies show that smart fats can actually enhance brain function through improving blood flow to your brain. When your brain function is improved, basically every other function your body performs is improved as well given that your brain is the control center of your body. Optimal brain function produces benefits in every area of your health and your life.

Metabolism Boost

Smart fats oxidize extraordinarily slow, especially when cooked correctly. Cooking good fats such as oils for example is not complicated. They simply need to be cooked very slowly and on very low heat. This can ensure that each calorie oxidizes as slowly as possible. Very gradual oxidation is in your best interest because the slower a calorie oxidizes, the more energy it provides to your body.

Appetite Suppression

These types of fats can actually help to curb your appetite because they have the ability to trick you into feeling full. Even if you didn’t necessarily consume a lot of calories, if the meal contained smart fats, you can still feel full for a long time afterwards. Appetite suppression is one of the key benefits of smart fats because it is partially responsible for how smart fats are able to contribute to weight loss.

Turn Fat into Fuel

Some would say that the downside of consuming fats is that they contain 9 calories per gram as opposed to the 4 calories per gram that protein and carbohydrates contain. However, when smart fats are consumed in combination with dark green superfoods such as Spirulina, Broccoli, and Wheat Grass, the calories from the fat are actually utilized to provide you with increased energy levels.

Additionally, if you eliminate sugars and grains from your diet, your body is left with no choice but to use the fat you consume as fuel. Therefore, you get the benefits of consuming smart fats without having to suffer the consequences of the increased calorie intake. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you should just be shoveling tons of smart fats down your gullet…you still need to consume everything in moderation.

Immune Boost

Emerging studies are consistently showing that cancer cells do not like to consume smart fats. In other words, consuming good fats can potentially help combat cancer because the cancer cells thrive on sugar. By consuming these fats instead of sugar, you can help deprive cancer cells of their favorite food, so to speak.

Smart fats have become a part of many alternative cancer treatment programs because of the effect they are believed to have on cancer cells. That is not to say smart fats cure cancer, but they can certainly help make a difference.

Diet Recommendations for Smart Fats


The best thing you can eat for breakfast to get a healthy dose of smart fats is cage free eggs. You can eat them however you like, but in order to get the most out of your meal, we recommend making an omelette with spinach, tomatoes, onions, alfalfa sprouts, and avocados. It’s obviously not necessary to include all of these ingredients, but you can play around with different combinations until you find what you like best.

Another option for breakfast if you don’t have time to cook would be our Total Living Drink Greens. While it is not necessarily designed to be a meal replacement, you could certainly use it that way on some days if necessary.


For lunch, we recommend sticking to salads with dark green, leafy lettuce. Any of the ingredients we recommended for your morning omelette would also be great to add to your afternoon salad. If a salad doesn’t fill you up, you can eat it in combination with your daily dose of our Total Living Drink Greens.


Stick with lean, organic proteins for dinner. Mercury free fish or vegetables sautéed with some olive oil would serve as an excellent dinner meal. A good size portion of some cold water Alaskan salmon along with some veggies on the side is sure to fill you up and provide your body with plenty of nutrients.

Smart Fats Conclusion

Smart fats are extremely beneficial and actually not that hard to find. These fats are truly deserving of the hype, and it’s important that you incorporate them into your diet. Here are three things you should do to shred fat and boost your metabolism…follow the diet recommendations made in this article, eliminate sugars and grains, and drink a glass of our Total Living Drink Greens on a daily basis.

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