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The Benefits of Resveratrol

The Benefits of Resveratrol

As we grow older, the telling signs of age rain down on more than just our physical appearance. Making sure we receive proper nutrients and are maintain a healthy lifestyle is key in trying to live a long and prosperous life. Modern day research is constantly looking for new and simple ways to make sure we're getting the proper sustenance we need to stay healthy. One molecule that comes from a family of compounds called polyphenols, is called resveratrol.

Polyphenols are a family of compounds that act as antioxidants. They protect your bodies from damage as well as decrease the risk of heart disease and cancer.

How Does Resveratrol Work?

Resveratrol works by expanding blood vessels. In addition, it reduces the activity of blood clotting cells. This function makes Resveratrol a vital nutrient to add to your daily regimen, especially as you get older. Its ability to help prevent blood clots is a benefit that truly is invaluable.

The Benefits of Resveratrol

Since most people over 35 start having to worry about risks of heart disease, trying to find supplements to boost heart health is very important. The goal of taking resveratrol is to make sure you’re giving your heart the proper attention it needs.

The first thing resveratrol does is protect the endothelial lining of your arteries. This allows the increase of proper blood flow throughout your body. Increase of blood flow is crucial in areas of male enhancement. Another issue for aging individuals is erectile dysfunction which can be caused by poor circulation. This is because erections are formed by the flowing of blood to the penis.

The next benefit of resveratrol is its ability to reduce oxidative stress. Oxidative stress causes aging by wearing down the different cells your body is made up of. The less worn down your cells are, the younger you will look and feel.

Resveratrol also has the ability to block a very bad inflammatory agent. This inflammatory agent is called nf kappa b and resveratrol gives your body the ability to block the production of it.

Resveratrol positively impacts cognitive function as well as promoting positive oral health.

There have been some links based on specific studies to resveratrol’s ability to block the replication of cancer cells in the body. Its ability to suppress the reproduction of cancerous cells is good for patients with developing tumors, or preventing the development of tumors.

Resveratrol has also been good for muscle health, as well as helping other organs in the body. Resveratrol helps your endurance as well as boosts your eyesight.

This chemical also acts as a testosterone booster, to further help your workouts. This can increase the potential of your workouts greatly.

Benefits Summary

  • Protects cardiovascular health
  • Reduces oxidative stress
  • Blocks nf kappa b
  • Improves cognitive/dental health
  • Cancer suppressor
  • Muscle health
  • Eyesight
  • Boosts Testosterone

To ensure you’re getting the proper amount of resveratrol, you must be careful with the dosage. Anywhere from 30mg to no more than 250mg of resveratrol has been seen as the proper daily dosage.

Natural Sources of Resveratrol

This chemical can be found naturally in red grape skins, red wine, purple grape juice, mulberries and peanuts. However, it can be difficult to obtain enough of it to get all of the benefits just from natural food sources. That’s why our Total Living Drink Berry product contains more than enough of it, so you don’t have to worry about ensuring you are able to obtain it elsewhere.

Other Uses of Resveratrol

People have used this chemical to treat a wide variety of ailments. Some of these problems include acne, lung disease, diabetes, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, and cancer prevention. The list of benefits is truly never ending, and we can’t stress enough how important it is to make sure you are supplementing with resveratrol in one way or another.

Conclusion – Why Everyone Should Be Using This Stuff

Resveratrol is an absolute necessity. We recommend polyphenol supplementation to men and women of all ages, but it becomes an especially important part of your nutritional regimen as you get older. It can help prevent disease, potentially help treat existing conditions, and lead to a long list of improvements with regard to your current overall health.

As was mentioned before, you can obtain Resveratrol from your regular diet, but you may not be getting enough of it. Rest assured, using our Total Living Drink Berry will provide you with more than enough Resveratrol and various other beneficial polyphenols.

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