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The Benefits of Probiotics

The Benefits of Probiotics

Probiotics are microorganisms that can help provide health benefits. One popular source of probiotics is yogurt, which is rightfully reported to help promote an active lifestyle for the consumer. Probiotics help replace harmful microbes with good ones in the intestinal tract, restoring the intestines and allowing them to absorb more nutrients from food. It is reported that probiotics help the body by aiding the intestines, improving upon the body’s immune system, and helping relieve constipation or gastrointestinal stress.

In today’s society, we have come to promote a general fear of germs. With the use of pasteurized foods, antibacterial soaps and other disinfectants, we’ve come to overuse cleaning supplies to the point that we have actually begun to put our immune systems at risk. Because of our germophobic culture, we’ve lost the natural exchange of microbes and bacteria that actually helped us stay healthy.

Effects of Probiotics

Our fear of germs has led us to use harmful chemicals to help combat bad germs. This has resulted in the loss of many good germs and an organic micro-biological culture that occurs underneath the surface, so to speak. Because of this uniquely modern problem, consumers are needing to supplement their normal diets in order to stay healthy.

There are many benefits that are reported to result from the consumption of probiotics. Before the invention of refrigeration, and the discovery of electricity, people had to use traditional methods of preserving food. In these days, fermented foods were a very popular method of storing foods for a long time and also had the benefit of enriching the food with probiotics. It is for this reason that fermented foods were so much more popular before the invention of the refrigerator, and why people's immune systems were enough to keep people alive, without modern anti-bacterial soaps.

As popular culture has begun to phase out fermented foods, only a few sources of probiotics have remained popular. Yogurt, is perhaps the most popular source of antibiotics available. Although other dairy products should contain probiotics, the pasteurization process makes products like milk and cheese practically devoid of any beneficial bacteria. So as these foods have lost their potency, consumers are looking to other products for their source of healthy bacteria.

Products containing probiotics are becoming more popular because of their ability to help promote a healthy immune system, as well as overall wellness. While yogurt is widely known to help promote an active and healthy lifestyle, other products like, the fermented-tea drink, Kombucha are also increasing in public attention. As people become more aware of the benefits of probiotics, products containing them are becoming more and more prevalent in the health and wellness culture.

How Do Probiotics Work?

From birth, everyone has a lot of “intestinal flora”, which is the culture of microorganisms that live in your digestive tract. During the first three years of life, this complex community of organisms goes through a significant reconfiguration process. By the end of the third year, the child will have a composition of microbes which is more similar to an adult, than to a one-year-old. Surprisingly, by only the age of three most humans develop an adult-level intestinal tract. Unfortunately, due to pasteurized and processed foods, this community of microbes begins to suffer. As we consume less probiotic-rich foods, our body is unable to refresh the supply of healthy bacteria within our intestines, which can result in poor digestion and overall poor health.

Probiotics help you absorb nutrition from foods. By replenishing the body’s supply of good bacteria, the body is able to make the best use of the nutrients contained in foods. As this effect will help us to gain significantly more nutrients per our food intake, we will be able to enrich our bodies with a more efficient digestive system. This will have a number of positive benefits such as: boosted immune system, and fighting food-borne illnesses.

Probiotics help maintain a healthy community of intestinal flora. The gut can be susceptible to a very large number of conditions caused by bad bacteria. Intestinal discomforts and even diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease or irritable bowel syndrome, among others, can result from simply having an undesirable complex of microorganisms in the intestines.

Probiotics are an easy way to help prevent health problems in all parts of the body. It helps the immune system as well as assists the absorption of nutrients, providing greater energy for all the body’s particular needs.

Quick Summary On Probiotics

Probiotics are microorganisms found within certain foods, usually fermented ones, that can help provide the consumer with a wide range of health benefits. Yogurt is perhaps the most popular food source of probiotics, and is widely regarded for its benefits. Because Probiotics help replace bad bacteria with good ones in the intestines, they will allow the body to absorb more nutrients from food and contribute to your overall health.  Probiotics are a clearly safe and natural, but are also very necessary for a healthy body. Without probiotics to help the intestines and the immune system, humans will surely experience health problems which no generation before had to deal with.


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