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Mastering Your Health: Joe Costello's New Book Is Now Available On Amazon!

Joe Costello Jr, the son of the founder of Kylea, just published his book! Joe Costello Jr. started his career in sports nutrition over 10 years ago as a Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant (NWC). He received his NWC certificate from the American Fitness Professionals Association (AFPA) and went on to begin his own wellness consulting business. 

Seeking to further his education and expand his company, Joe Costello Jr. then went to the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), where he earned his Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC) certificate. Armed with his knowledge from his time earning his degree at the University of Iowa, his NWC from the AFPA, and his CNC from NASM, Joe expanded his consulting business into nutrition coaching.

After several years of education and practice as a nutrition coach, Joe decided it was time to write his book! Mastering Your Health: Understanding How Nutrition Affects Your Physical And Mental Health is now available for purchase on Amazon!

Mastering Your Health is the first of many, according to Joe Costello Jr. He plans to write several more books, elaborating on specific aspects of nutrition as it relates to mental health. In his time at the University of Iowa, he received his bachelors degree in Psychology. Joe specifically chose Psychology because he wanted to understand how the mind works and what affects nutrition can have on mental health. At the time, he had no idea just how significantly nutrition can impact mental health, but now that he has completed all of his education, he plans to write a full series of books on the topic!

Prior to writing Mastering Your Health, Joe wrote several free fitness guides, which can be found on his website. To learn more about Joe Jr. and his long journey in the sports nutrition, be sure to check out, and feel free to check out his book on Amazon!

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