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The Great Yogurt Scam

The commercials are everywhere. The product is all the rage. The names of the product imply healing. If you believe what you hear, the product appears to be the healthiest substance on the planet. The product is yogurt and the nutritious quality found within that lends itself to the exaggerated marketing is probiotics. Most of you are familiar with probiotics. Probiotics is friendly bacteria, cultured bacteria. This friendly-bacteria has many functions, but the primary function is to balance your bowel ecosystem. Why is that important? Conservatively speaking, nearly 75% of your entire immune system is located in your gut. One may pontificate on all the dynamics biologically involved with the friendly bacteria and how it keeps your immune system in top shape. How does it do that? Create new killer cells? Purify blood? The largest function of this bacteria is to combat sugar and the effects there of. That's right sugar. The more sugar that enters your system the more cells your body is forced to create to combat the sugar. This taxes the body and over time, your body’s bank account gets overdrawn, and you start to lose a few health battles (colds, indigestion, skin issues etc.). Sadly, over a long period of time, degenerative disease can be a result… even cancer.

So why is yogurt a scam? Let’s back up. Not all yogurt is a scam; just around 90%. The reason is simple… sugar. Take a look at the amount of sugar in an 8-ounce cup of the best-selling brand of yogurt. One 8-ounce serving contains 25 grams of sugar. Compare this with 40-ounces of sugar in a 12-ounce can of cola. Remember, the primary function of probiotics is to fight the negative effects of sugar and the very thing that yogurt claims to do is the exact opposite of what it actually does. Cancer cells feed on sugar. Now some brands of yogurt sweeten their product with fruit instead of sugar but the problem is that the juice or juice concentrate from the fruit, void of fiber and bulking nutrients, has the same effect as sugar. Whether sweetened with sugar or fruit concentrates, yogurt is chock-full of sugar. Can you say sugar spike? What’s the solution? Buy real yogurt. Yes it is a little bitter but you can squash that with a few, whole pieces of low-sugar fruit. And even if you buy the somewhat bitter yogurt, you want many billions of live cells per serving to have even an impact! Kefir and other fermented products or a quality supplement is by far your best path to your gut health, and therefore your best path to true immune health. Yours in Good Health,


Joe Costello

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