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The Many Benefits of Alfalfa

Many people in the world have heard about the wonder plant called alfalfa but very few people know how valuable this plant truly is. In terms of herbal medicine and nutrition, alfalfa is one of the most useful plants in the world. This is partly because this plant can be used as food for both humans and livestock. The benefits of alfalfa are many so it is better to discuss each one specifically.


For a start, alfalfa is a valuable herb because it can be used to prepare highly nutritious vegetable soup. Fresh alfalfa leaves contain vitamin A, D, K and almost all the B-vitamins. Alfalfa leaves are also rich in iron, folic acid, niacin, calcium, phosphorous and biotin. It is also a source of chlorophyll, protein, potassium and magnesium. In some Asian countries, alfalfa is used to combat malnutrition and scurvy. This shows just how rich the plant is and how useful it can be. Now, this is not a surprise because the alfalfa plant has an extensive root system. The root system of this plant makes it possible for it to dig deep into the soil and absorb a cocktail of life-giving nutrients. Apart from feeding and nourishing people, the alfalfa plant is a great friend of the livestock farmer.


Animals need nourishing food and one of the best sources of rich animal feed is the alfalfa plant. Both the fresh and the dried leaves of this plant can be used to feed goats, cows, sheep and horses. The alfalfa plant also improves soil fertility because it is loaded with vitamins and minerals and therefore planted by farmers who want to enrich their soil. The benefits of alfalfa go beyond food and soil fertility. This plant is also used extensively in both preventive and curative medicine. The alfalfa herb functions as a natural and an effective laxative. It promotes bowel movement and rids the body of toxins. It also combats water retention and serves as an effective diuretic. This is why it is used to fight urinary tract infections, and the good news here, is that this wonderful herb works without any known side effects. For the ladies out there, alfalfa has many wonderful benefits. This herb relieves painful menstruation, improves fertility and promotes lactation in nursing mothers. In fact, studies have shown that the alfalfa herb contains compounds that are similar to estrogen. This is why it is used as an effective menopause remedy for women. This plant is also a uterine stimulant and it is useful in the treatment and management of breast cancer. The alfalfa plant is truly versatile as evident from the range of its uses. It really is one of those “cure-all” type foods. This plant reduces blood sugar, purifies the blood and lowers cholesterol. It improves the proper functioning of the immune system and promotes the rapid healing of cuts and bruises. This plant also combats bad breath, soothes aching joints and relieves headache. Another benefit of the alfalfa herb is that it detoxifies the liver. This is a vital function because the liver is a very important organ. People who drink regularly are advised to take both fresh and dried alfalfa leaves. In areas where the plant is not available, taking alfalfa tablets is recommended because the tablets are effective too. Alfalfa is also recommended for people who are hypertensive and people who suffer from heart disease. This plant reduces blood pressure and best of all, protects the heart because it fights atherosclerotic plaque. There is also evidence that the alfalfa herb can help people who are diabetic. Alfalfa reduces blood sugar naturally and safely. It is important to point out here that diabetic people who are taking drugs to reduce blood sugar should not take alfalfa in addition to these drugs. The danger is that this combination may lead to low blood sugar and this is a life-threatening condition. There are many ways to take alfalfa and the good thing is that this plant works perfectly in any of these forms. Fresh alfalfa leaves can be cooked and eaten as vegetables. The fresh leaves can also be juiced and combined with other succulent vegetables. This method is recommended for people who want to add some spice to their alfalfa. This herb can also be dried and taken as an infusion. Some people take "alfalfa tea" made from dried alfalfa leaves. Other people combine the dried alfalfa leaves with tea or coffee while others simply sprinkle the dried alfalfa leaves on their food. Alfalfa can also be found in superfood drinks powders along side other superfood fruits and vegetables. Kylea’s Total Living Drink Greens contains alfalfa juice powder, which is the most potent way to get your alfalfa in a supplement form. As stated already, the alfalfa herb is truly wonderful. It is a perfect food and drug combination without side effects. Finally, this plant is rich and highly recommended for people who want to stay healthy the natural way. Take alfalfa regularly and you will notice great results. Yours in Good Health,

Joe Costello

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