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Are You Just One Infomercial Away From Perfect Health?

Channel surfing has become a national past time and the infomercial industry has capitalized on this. Infomercials have burst on the scene over the last ten years, selling everything from financial security, beautiful skin to perfect health. Health-related infomercials are predictable. Get your token medical professional for credibility, establish a problem, create fear and then graciously provide the solution. Infomercials are typically 28 minutes long and are really four, seven-minute shows repeated. Two quick stories: First, I was sitting with a high-ranking official of a large bank, a very bright and well-educated man. As we were pouring through Kylea's financials, he stopped and gave me a "can-we-change-the-subject-for-a-minute" look. I gave him a "sure-we-can" look and he proceeded to tell me the following. '"That infomercial I just watched selling [a well-known-supplement], does it really cure cancer?" I looked at him and said, "What do you think?" He said sheepishly, "I guess it is silly to think that one supplement would do that." Recently, I cut my head on a safe and went into the local ER. Coincidentally, the nurse was an acquaintance of mine, although she knew nothing about Kylea Health. Because, during this time, my child had been having trouble with seizures and I was trying to stop the seizures without drugs, I asked her if she knew a good neurologist. She said she knew of a good one, but before she gave me his name, she wanted me to read a book. She proceeded to hand me the book from a well-known health infomercial that markets supplements. I said, "Do you mean all this time, if I just gave my daughter this supplement her seizures would have stopped?" Again a sheepish look and she replied, "Well I thought you just may want to try it." At Kylea Health & Energy we try and steer clear of the hype. Good health is never about a single nutrient. Good health is about supporting the body with nutrient-dense calories. The best way to do this is by juicing organic, dark-green, leafy vegetables. But let's face it. Only but a very few of us will juice consistently. It's expensive and inconvenient. It was for this reason that I developed the Total Living Drinks. To simplify nutrition. I encourage you to check out these superfood drinks and see if they might be something that would help you on your health journey. There's nothing wrong with infomercials if they speak the truth. My promise to you is that Kylea will always tell the truth.

Joe Costello, Founder of Kylea Health & Energy

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