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Pillar of Health #7: The Importance of Spirituality

This pillar is not one often tied to health but there are actually studies that show that people who have active spiritual lives live longer. When you truly believe there is a higher power that is in control, and when you affirm that sometimes you are simply not in control, the seemingly impossible seems to happen all to often.

How does spirituality affect our health?

  • Our body releases a substance called neuro-peptides. We secrete these negative neuro-peptides when we are delivered a piece of bad news. 
  • Often times, people who feel fine will start feeling sick when the doctor diagnosis them with an illness.

What are the benefits of spirituality and meditation?

  • Study after study shows that people who have a spiritual component in their daily lives are happier people.
  • Studies also show that people who have a spiritual component have less stressin their lives.
  • Stress is the single biggest detriment to our health.
  • Spiritual meditation relaxes the body and reduces stress.
  • People who enter states of meditation have increased focus, lower blood pressure, lower heart rate and increased circulation.
  • Start with five minutes a day of meditation and after a few weeks after you realize the benefits, you will naturally increase the amount of time you are involved in meditation.

Joe Costello, Founder, Kylea Health & Energy

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