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Pillar of Health #6: The Importance of Elimination

Elimination through bowel movements is the #1 way we eliminate toxins and waste from the body.

How many bowel movements should I have daily?

  • Ideally, you should be having a bowel movement 12 hours after every meal. This would equate to 3 times per day.Most people don’t have nearly this many bowel movements.
  • Bowel movements should be effortless and odorless but again, very few people experience this.

Why is not having frequent bowel movements harmful?

  • By the time the food we eat reaches the lower part of the large intestine all the benefits of the food has been utilized and we are left with nothing more than waste.
  • The longer this waste sits in the intestines without being eliminated the worse the impact is on the body. The waste is literally full of toxins, which is why we have bowel movements in the first place.
  • Many, many diseases are linked to toxicity in the body that is caused by the lack of proper elimination through healthy bowel movements.

How can I improve elimination?

  • Drink more water. Water is very important in elimination. Try drinking 12-16 ounces of water the very first thing in the morning. This will help increase bowel movements.
  • Increase soluble fiber in the diet. It is better to get your fiber through raw fruits and vegetables although there are good high-quality fiber supplements.

Stay tuned for pillar # 7  in The Seven Pillars of Health series.

  Joe Costello, Founder, Kylea Health & Energy

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