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Pillar of Health #5: Sunshine & Deep Breathing

We have been brainwashed into believing that the sun is evil. Staying completely out of the sun is hazardous to our health. Sunburn is indeed unhealthy but easy to prevent. Being in the sun but avoiding sunburn is the proper way to receive the benefits of sunshine. Use natural sunscreens that avoid the toxic chemicals found in most commercial sunscreens.

What are the benefits of sunshine?

  • Sunshine provides the most perfect form of vitamin D in existence. Good spring sunshine can provide more vitamin D then a handful of vitamin D supplements. The benefits of vitamin D are too numerous to even list.
  • It is believed that MS and other autoimmune disorders are linked to sunshine deficiency. In places near the equator where sunshine is available year round, autoimmune disorders are almost non-existent.

What are the benefits of deep breathing?

  • Because in modern times we live such a sedentary lifestyle, our breathing has become increasingly shallow. So much so, that we’ve almost changed our diaphragm’s and lung’s capacity. We simply breathe too shallow.
  • Deep breathing exercises can be extremely valuable to increase our breathing capacity. Breathing is a natural way to eliminate toxins from the body. It also increases lung capacity and delivers oxygen to the bloodstream.

Deep Breathing Demonstration Video

Stay tuned for pillar # 6 in The Seven Pillars of Health series.

  Joe Costello, Founder, Kylea Health & Energy

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