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Pillar of Health #3: The Importance of a Healthy Diet

Without question, the most significant determinate of good or poor health is what you eat. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is largely stripped of nutritional value due to commercial production standards and the addition of chemicals and other toxic additives. Simply put, food was intended to be medicine but we’ve turned it into poison.

Understand what you are eating

  • A fast food meal can contain as much as 2,000 calories for one meal! Most of the calories are from fat and completely naked of nutrition.
  • Most people don’t take the time to read an ingredient label and even if they did they wouldn’t understand what most of the ingredients are.
  • Educate yourself on what ingredients are natural and which ones are chemicals. Understand fat and sodium content. The more you know the better choices you are able to make.
  • Knowledge and understanding of food is more important than will power. When you have the understanding about food you will no longer have the desire to consume foods that are harmful and poisonous.

Control the amount of portions you eat

  • Try and make good food choices that are healthy and filling and you will eat less
  • When you are eating “junk food” minimize the damage by portion control. Instead of bringing the whole bag of chips to the couch, take 1-2 servings and put them in a bowl. Take your time with the snack, enjoying each bite. When you are done, you’re done.
  • Make it a habit to bring home left-overs from restaurants. This will minimize over-eating while dining out.

Understand your metaboblic type

  • Eskimos can eat 3 lbs of fat a day and have a low rate of heart disease. The Japanese ingest high starches and carbohydrates and they have a low rate of heart disease. Why? They eat according to their metabolic type.
  • Metabolic typing means you learn what type you are: a protein type, a carbohydrate type or a mixed type.
  • Your type is based on your ancestry and your geographic history. Most cultures have lived in the same geographic location for centuries and have adapted to their climates. Americans are newer to our environment.
  • If you are a protein type, you should ingest more protein and fat and a lower concentration of carbohydrates. The reverse is true if you are a carb-type. About 60-70 percent of population.
  • For more information about metabolic typing, click here.

If it comes from the Earth, eat it. If not, don’t

  • Broccoli = Earth; Twinkies = Man
  • The commercial food giants are more responsible for sickness and disease than anything else.
  • The longer the label the unhealthier the food
  • Chemicals added to food are stored in the body when consumed. This becomes toxic to the body.

Stay tuned for pillar # 4 in The Seven Pillars of Health series.

  Joe Costello, Founder, Kylea Health & Energy

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