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Pillar of Health #2: The Importance of Drinking Water


We all know drinking water is the key to life. Humans can go a very short time without it or we will perish. But even with this most basic understanding of human survival, we still don’t drink enough water to sustain optimal health.

How much water should I drink daily?

  • Water makes up 60% of your total body weight and is essential for every bodily function.
  • A lot of water consumption is based on your lifestyle. If you workout a lot you lose a lot of water through perspiration which would require more amounts.
  • Water consumption is also based on the season. For instance, in the heat of summer you are perspiring more than winter and therefore need to replenish more.
  • A good rule of thumb: If you are male, try and drink app. 90-100 ounces of water daily. If you are female, try and drink app. 60-70 ounces per day.

What kind of water should I drink?

  • Reverse osmosis water is the best.
  • Try and stay away from distilled because you lose the minerals.

Is drinking water from plastic bottles harmful?

  • There hasn’t been any conclusive evidence that your body is ingesting plastics when drinking water from plastic bottles.
  • Try and drink your water from glass just in case, but using plastic bottles is a huge environmental issue and therefore harmful to the environment.

Don’t I get enough water drinking other beverages?

  • Yes you get water from other beverages but it is always the best idea to get your water intake from a pure, reverse-osmosis source. There are so many harmful ingredients in most commercial beverages that it robs the body of nutrients and health.
  • Try and drink carbonated water with lemon or lime and even mix a couple spoon fools of sugar if you have to. (Much, much less than the amount of sugar found in commercial juices and soda.)

How do you know if you’ve drunk too much or too little water?

  • Examine your urine. It should be a slight yellow to clear. If it is perfectly clear or you or urinating too much you are probably drinking too much water and it could effect your electrolyte levels.

Stay tuned for pillar # 3 in The Seven Pillars of Health series.

  Joe Costello, Founder, Kylea Health & Energy

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