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Pillar of Health #1: The Importance of Sleep


Sleep is one of the most important aspects of good health but so often overlooked. In our hectic, fast-paced lives, we try and milk everything we can out of each 24 hours and as a society, we are getting less and less sleep.

What Are the Benefits of Sleep?

  • When you achieve REM sleep (rapid eye movement) your body is repairing itself.
  • Think of it as the night-time maintenance crew doing repairs and maintenance to your body.
  • Enzymes are hard-at-work repairing tissues and organs
  • Your body is not being bogged down by other activities so the “repair crew” can get to work.
  • Your brain is rejuvenating itself and preparing itself for the following day.

How much sleep do I really need?

  • Though it does vary from person to person, most adults need 7 hours of sleep per night.
  • Typically, 7 hours of sleep will represent 3-4 hours of true REM sleep.

What are some good sleeping tips?

  • Try and sleep in total darkness. Before electricity it was completely normal to sleep in total darkness.
  • Try and keep a cooler temperature in your room to establish healthy humidity levels. Ideally, 64-68 degrees.
  • Try and sleep on an empty stomach or nearly empty stomach. It’s not ideal for your body to be engaged in metabolic activity while you are sleeping. Try and refrain from eating 2 hours before bed.

What are supplements that aid in sleeping?

    • Melatonin has worked well for some people and for others it doesn’t seem to have that much effect.
    • Valerian Root (500 mg doses) has been shown to aid in peaceful, restful sleep.

 Stay Tuned For Pillar of Health #2.

  Joe Costello, Founder, Kylea Health & Energy

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