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“Kylea ranks up there as one of the top improvements I’ve made in my health. I mix a scoop of the Total Living Drink in my shake every morning. I have more energy, more stamina and more confidence in my ability to meet the physical demands and long hours of a NFL coach’s day.”

-Mike Singletary, Hall of Fame NFL Player & Former NFL Head Coach

“Thank you for introducing me to the Total Living Drink. Since using it, I personally lost 2” on my waist in 6 weeks when all I was trying to do was achieve a better pH balance (Acid/Base). Your service is simply unmatched in the industry. The quality of the products is second to none and yet the pricing is still remarkably reasonable.

Since December 2002, I have received remarkable feedback from my patients who are using Kylea’s Total Living Drink. Thanks again.”

-Dr. Terry Smith DC, Best-Selling Author

“I have been using the Total Living Drink for approximately 3 months and without changing anything about my exercise or eating habits I have lost 3 inches around my waist. I was tired and lethargic much of the time and now I have great energy all through the day, especially in the late afternoon.

My wife has also begun taking the drink and all of her coworkers at the Christian elementary school where she works ask what her secret is to have so much energy throughout the entire day.

This product is an easy one-stop-shop to begin taking care of your health on a regular basis. I strongly recommend starting a regular routine of using the drink as the primary supplement. You will feel the difference immediately.”

-Randy Swanson, Attorney & Author

Product Description

The Total Living Drink Greens & Total Living Drink Berry, are nine-products-in-one whole-food super-food formulas. The Greens formula is loaded with quality, vegan protein and the nutritional equivalent of 7-10 servings of raw vegetables, grasses and algae and the Berry formula contains 7-10 servings of organic berries and fruit.

What’s more, the both provide the body with enzymes, antioxidants, herbs, probiotics, herbs, vitamins and minerals.

Kylea’s Total Living Drinks are among the most potent superfood drink powders on the market.

Product Description

Two of the most common questions regarding nutrition: What should I be eating? What supplements should I be taking? If you are searching for a daily supplement that will give you everything you need to establish a foundation of nutrition, the Total Living Drink superfood powders were created for you.

What if you could take a scoop of powder, mix it in a glass of water and know that you are getting the nutrient value of over 9 products? 


PROTEIN -to build lean muscle!

FRUITS, BERRIES, VEGETABLES, GRASSES & ALGAE –loaded with life-giving phytonutrients and nutrient-dense calories!

DIGESTIVE ENZYMES -for better digestion and caloric utilization!

PROBIOTICS -for a healthy bowel ecosystem!

AMINO ACIDS  -for overall health and energy!

ANTIOXIDANTS -for enhanced immune function!

HERBS  -for intestinal, blood and internal organ cleansing!

VITAMINS – the building blocks of nutrition!

MINERALS –to sustain life and improve bodily functions!

There are plenty of “greens & berry drinks” in the marketplace. Why are the Total Living Drinkdifferent? They are the only complete, nine-in-one formula that uses the highest quality organic ingredients! And, the Total Living Drinks are real food! Every scoop is loaded with 40 grams of nutrient-dense calories!


  • Feeding the cells nutrient-dense phytonutrients
  • Establishing a healthy pH balance
  • Regulating your blood sugar
  • Providing MEGA ENERGY – not stimulating your adrenal system
  • Increasing your mental focus
  • Helping you reach your ideal, healthy weight
  • Rejuvenating your skin
  • Improving your digestive system
  • Super-charging your immune system
  • Cleansing the blood and internal organs
  • Cleansing and rebuilding your colon
  • Providing a daily dose of perfect nutrition so you can enjoy the “not so perfect” food


By combining the nutrient density of the algae, grasses and vegetables from the Greens drink with the super-potent antioxidants found in the berries and fruit in the Berry drink, you are doubling down on nutritional perfection and combining the best of both worlds.

Take a half scoop of the Green drink and a half scoop of the Berry drink and mix them together or take a scoop of one drink in the morning and a scoop of the other in the afternoon. It doesn’t matter how you take them but taking them both together is a healthy home run.

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